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Providing Every Tabletop Gamer with Spectacular Terrain For Their Games

Immersive Terrain

Our Mission

To supply every tabletop gamer with spectacular terrain pieces for their tabletop games!
We do this in many ways: 1. Selling Handmade Terrain Pieces - The projects you've seen in our videos are for sale in this shop. We also do commission work and can build almost anything you can imagine. 2. YouTube Tutorials - Every handmade piece we sell in this shop has a corresponding tutorial on our YouTube channel. This way you can learn how to construct your own versions of these pieces. 3. Terrain Kits and Supplies - We also sell a variety of MDF, Resin and Paper craft Terrain sets. On top of that we also carry a variety of crafting supplies and DIY kits. The MDF kits are manufactured by TTCombat. We also manufacture our own resin terrain elements and scenic bases. 4. Literature - At the moment we have published two books on the subject of terrain crafting. These are available in both softcover and PDF versions. More will be coming in the near future. With all of these facets we aim to reach our goal of supplying every tabletop gamer with mind blowing terrain for their miniature games.
We Also Do Commission Work!

We Also Do Commission Work!

If you like the work you've seen in our YouTube videos and/or the pieces you see on this site, and have some ideas of the terrain you'd like for your own gaming table then hit us up for a quote. Our prices are competitive and we never skimp on quality. Every piece we make is treated as if it's for our own gaming table. Email us your ideas now, and we'll get back to you with a detailed quote.

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You can send us a direct email or find us on your favourite social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram.
Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

Between this webstore, social media, literature, YouTube videos and our online course we provide a variety of ways to help you gather a collection of spectacular terrain for your tabletop miniature games.