Immersive Tabletop & Terrain is designing their own self-contained card game! Kickstarter coming soon!
Here to help every tabletop gamer improve their tabletop gaming experience!


Our Continuing Mission....

To explore strange new...jk...For real though, Our Mission is to help every tabletop gamer improve their tabletop gaming experience!
We do this in many ways: 1. YouTube Tutorials - We have a variety of YouTube content meant to demonstrate how anyone can make remarkable scenery for their tabletop miniature games. 2. Literature - At the moment we have published two books on the subject of terrain crafting. More will be coming in the near future. 3. Terrain Kits and Supplies - We sell a variety of MDF, and Resin Terrain sets. We also carry a variety of crafting supplies. 4. Selling Handmade Terrain Pieces - The projects you've seen in our YouTube videos are for sale on this very website. If you like what you see then please purchase one for your own gaming table. 5. Designing Tabletop Games - We're in the process of designing a self contained card game. This will be unfolding very shortly. Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter Campaign and reserve an early copy for yourself! With all of these facets we aim to reach our goal of helping every tabletop gamer improve their tabletop experience!

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Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

With our Video Tutorials, Handmade Terrain, Kits & Supplies, Instructional Literature and original Tabletop Games we provide you with a variety of ways to drastically and creatively improve your tabletop gaming experience.